Smart plug-and-play 3G to 4G conversion

Cellbounce’s cellular experts and engineers have come together to solve this impending industry-wide problem. Our patent-pending technology is designed to keep 3G devices connected well beyond the 3G shutdown, with no technician required.

  • Smart 3G to 4G LTE conversion
  • Quick and easy end-user installation
  • A core network in a box
Watch just how simple installation is with CellBounce

CB34U Gateway


Industries world-wide are facing a major challenge: As cellular carriers begin to retire their 3G networks, existing 3G devices will no longer be able to connect to a carrier network. The CellBounce Gateway is an innovative solution that allows these devices remain 100% functional for years beyond the network shutdowns.


The CB34U Gateway is a complete RF-to-bits-to-RF gateway, providing a seamless 3G UMTS to 4G LTE connection between an existing 3G device and the carrier’s 4G network. The Gateway is simple to activate and can be installed in minutes by the end- user. The Gateway’s simple installation eliminates the need for a truck roll / technician to visit each site to upgrade or modify the existing device.


When installed, the CB34U Gateway establishes a private network between itself and the existing 3G device—all core network functions of the carrier are emulated within the CB34U Gateway.

  • 3G to 4G Bi-directional connectivity
  • 3G & 4G dedicated internal antennas
  • 4G LTE CAT-M1 Release 13
  • 4G Bands 2, 4, 12
  • 3G UMTS Release 99
  • Femto base station any channel on UMTS Bands 2 & 5
  • Additional 3G and 4G Bands available
  • Remote provisioning and configuration via Auto-ConfigurationServer using industry standard TR-069 protocol, including but not limited to:
    • Initial Provisioning
    • Tx Band & Channel
    • IMSI White List
    • Firmware upgrades
    • Log retrieval
    • Reboot/status updates
    • Factory reset
  • Embedded data controller between 3G Femto BS & 4G LTEModem
  • Supports SMS
  • Supports two-way voice (CB34U-V only)
  • Simple, end-user installation
  • Dimensions: 5.5” X 3.25” X 3”
  • 6-foot power cord with plug-in adapter, 120v AC, 12v DC, 0.75A
  • LED Status Indicators (Power and Battery Status, 4G LTESignal/Connectivity, 3G Signal/Connectivity, and TroubleConditions)
  • “Native Signals” for trouble conditions sent directly to centralstation (DC-09) and/or ACS
  • Audible beeps for trouble conditions
  • Silence switch for temporarily silencing audible beeps due to trouble conditions